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The Active Schools Network is a team of people working within the school and the wider community in Scotland. Their goal is to offer all children and young people the motivation and opportunities to ‘get active’ ensuring there are more and higher quality opportunities for all children to participate in sport within schools and to increase capacity through the recruitment of a network of volunteers, who in turn deliver activity sessions in schools.

In practice, this means that their job is to increase the number of opportunities for all children to get engaged in sport and also try to build bridges with sports clubs and other community organisations to give pupils a ‘pathway’ to continue their participation in sport outside of the school gates.

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Active Schools Coordinator

Active Schools Coordinators in Scotland coordinate the engagement of children in an active lifestyle – anything from hill-walking to rugby to aerobics to dance classes.

The deployment of Active Schools Coordinators varies across Scotland. This flexible staffing approach allows local authorities to tailor their staffing network to best deliver their needs. For example:- some Coordinators will work full time and cover a cluster of primary schools or perhaps a number of primary and a secondary school. Others will work part-time and cover one or two secondary schools.

The Active School Coordinator for Highland Perthshire is Andy Paxton. Andy works full-time and covers the two Highland Perthshire Secondary Schools – Pitlochry High and Breadalbane Academy and he covers all the Primary Schools in Highland Perthshire – Pitlochry and Breadalbane Primary, Royal School of Dunkeld, Grandtully PS, Kenmore PS, Glenlyon PS, Blair Athol PS, Logierait PS and Kinloch Rannoch PS.

Andy can be contacted at Breadalbane on 01887 822426 or by email

Volunteer with Active Schools @ Breadalbane Academy

Active Schools are responsible for developing and supporting volunteer led, sustainable physical activity and sport opportunities that take place out with school hours, both within the school and wider community. Find out how to become a volunteer for Active Schools (click here).

The Origins of Active Schools

The origins of Active Schools can be found in two sportscotland initiatives which were put in place in the 1990s, both designed to help get Scotland’s pupils more active; the School Sport Coordinator Programme and The Active Primary School Pilot Programme.

The School Sport Coordinator Programme

The first of these programmes – the School Sport Coordinator Programme – provided funding to assist local authorities in appointing staff to enhance the range and quality of current extended curricular sporting provision within secondary schools and influence and assist the development of sport within the wider community.

The project started in 1996 with part-time Coordinators in just two secondary schools, but the feedback was so positive – from children, teachers and parents – that the network began to grow, and by the end of the 90s there was a large network of School Sport Coordinators organising extra-curricular activity and sport in secondary schools across Scotland.

The Active Primary School Pilot Programme

After some success in secondary schools we turned our attention to primary schools. The Active Primary School programme started with five full time Coordinators at the end of the nineties. They were given the task of working with primary schools in order to increase the range and quality of opportunities for primary-aged children to become more physically active: playing sport and recreation, physical education and active travel.

The First Phase of Active Schools

After the Physical Activity Task Force review in 2002 – when the clear link was made between physical activity and health – investment followed. As a result of the successes achieved in the programmes highlighted above, sport scotland was allocated £12m per annum over the three year period 2004-2007 to further contribute to the development of a network of Active Schools by increasing the capacity to deliver extended activity opportunities for children and young people. Funding was later extended to March 2008 and has again been extended until 2015

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Please check for any updates regarding secondary school sports clubs on the Active Schools noticeboard and in the daily bulletin. If your child and would like to take part in any of the primary school sport clubs, please complete and return the following permission slip (click here).

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