Mrs I Coutts (PT); Mr R Edwards; Miss A Feltham, Mrs M Warren and Mrs F Fennell

The Mathematics Department is on the second floor of the secondary building. We have 5 well-equipped classrooms and make good use of their ICT facilities.

Our S1-S3 courses support pupils working within Curriculum for Excellence levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. We have an excellent record of success in SQA exams and we are presenting pupils at all levels this year. We have introduced new Lifeskills Maths courses to help develop the mathematical skills needed for life and work beyond school, while continuing to present large numbers of candidates for Higher and Advanced Higher.

Regular homework is issued at all levels.

A basic calculator is required in S1 and S2. A scientific calculator is useful in S1 and S2 and essential from S3. We supply high quality scientific calculators for £6.

The maths department continues to run a drop-in help session each Wednesday lunch time from 1.15pm.
Pupils can get help with homework exercises, catching up work they have missed or simply further explanation of class work.

Further details on course information [links below to PDF files]

Maths Advanced Higher

Maths Higher, National 4 and 5

The following are internet links to good resources: – Glossary for numeracy and mathematics
 – Adult learners basic maths concepts – Resources for basic arithmetic – Loads of notes and practice at all levels – Newly updated for CfE levels and National Qualifications – Notes and practice for Higher Maths – Great games for practising maths skills – Interesting facts and historical ideas – Interactive games to develop maths skills – Challenging puzzles to really stretch your brain! – Money guide for teenagers

Number Games for Early Level

Number Games for First Level

Number Games for Second Level

Number Games for Third Level