Music Lessons


Mrs E Moffat (Brass) [Click Here]

Mr Seith (Brass) [Click Here]

Mr G Mulholland (Bagpipes) [Click Here]

Mr O Nicholson (Guitar)  [Click Here]

Mr L O’Hare (Piano) [Click Here]

Mrs S Oxnard (Cello) [Click Here]

Miss L Paterson (Percussion) [Click Here]

Ms Z Perman (Vocal) [Click Here]

Mr Whiteman (Vocal) [Click Here]

Mr L Thorne (Woodwind) [Click Here]

Ms M Young (Upper Strings) [Click Here]

Music has always occupied a prominent place within society and, therefore, has an important role to play in the curriculum of Breadalbane Academy.

Activities vary from time to time.
Currently running are:
1. Choral
2. Windband
3. Ceilidh Bands
4. Jazz Group
5. Orchestra
6. String Group
7. Chamber Ensembles
8. Preparation for festivals, concerts, productions.
9. Outings to concerts and places of musical interest
10. Pupil led ensembles, e.g. Rock groups, Samba band, Ukulele group