Breadalbane Academy Primary Department

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Primary Staffing

DHT Mrs Marshall
GME Mrs MacDonald
Pit Stop Mrs Murch
Nursery Mrs Jenkins (Acting PT for Nursery and Early Years)
Miss McIver (Nursery Teacher)
Nursery ECP Miss Fernie, Miss Crouch, Mrs Mitchell, Miss Campbell, Miss Webster
Nursery Play Assistant Miss Amos
P1 Mrs Thomson
P2 Mrs Robb & Mrs Thomas (Fridays)
P3 Mrs Ickeringill
P4 Mrs Boyd
P4/5 Miss Caie
P5/6 Mr Liney
P6 Mrs Grant
P7 Mrs Ferguson
PST Miss Simmons
Auxilliary Miss Carryn
PSA Mrs Wittmann, Miss Runciman, Mrs Davys, Miss Coles, Mrs Sinclair, Mrs MacEachan, Miss Warren and Mrs Moore

Black skirts and trousers for all primary pupils

Primary 1 – Primary 3
 will retain the blue polo shirts and navy sweatshirts with school logo. There will be an option to wear a white shirt and black tie with house stripe. A cardigan option will be offered for girls.

Primary 4 – Primary 7
 will change to white shirts and black ties with house stripe and logos. These have been ordered and will hopefully be available at the end of the holidays from the school reception. Black round neck or V-neck jumpers with school logo. A cardigan option will be offered for girls.

Gym T-shirts to be included in house colours with school house on the back.
The option to purchase a school jacket will be included.

Transfer of Pupils from Primary to Secondary

Our aim is to ensure the smooth personal, social and emotional transfer of pupils from primary to secondary. Effective transfer of information regarding pupils progress in areas of Personal and Social Development, Mathematics, Language (French) is also a requirement. This ensures progression and continuity in all aspects of the child’s development and learning.
The process is based on a partnership between pupils, primary staff, secondary staff, and parents and will consider the needs and requirements of all.
Parents will be encouraged to comment on any issues relating to their child’s transfer which will enhance the transition e.g. any special factors which need to be considered when classes are being formed.

Further details available from school office.