Curriculum Primary

PKC Indicators

Perth and Kinross Council developed indicators for literacy, numeracy and skills and attributes for each level. Generally it would be expected for most pupils to achieve early level by the end of P1, first level by the end of P4 and second level by the end of P7. Pupils are considered to have achieved a level if they fulfill most of the indicators.
Early Level Indicators
First Level Indicators
Second Level Indicators

Sexual Health Plans

Using the Relationships, Parenthood and Sexual Health plans, as a department, we have planned progressive sexual health lessons for pupils from nursery to P7. In the primary before these lessons are taught parents are informed to ensure they are happy for their child to participate.
Sexual Health Planner

1 + 2

The Scottish Government aims to have all pupils from P1 learning a second language and all pupils from P5 learning a third language by 2020. Within Perth and Kinross, the second language for English medium pupils is French and we have now started teaching French to pupils from P1 using the comprehensive Platform planner used by Pan Tayside schools. Currently all English medium primary pupils receive Gaelic lessons every fortnight from visiting specialist Miss MacPhee. Nursery pupils have the opportunity to attend Gaelic nursery on Wednesday afternoons. Please see this leaflet link for more information on 1 + 2.