Information Primary

Breadalbane Academy Primary Department
Primary Staffing
Mrs Marshall
Acting PT (Nursery and Early Years)
Mrs Jenkins
Mrs Morrison (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Jenkins (Thurs-Fri)
Nursery Early Childhood Practitioners
Mrs MacDonald, Miss Crouch, Mrs MacAdam, Mrs Mitchell and Miss Webster
Nursery Play Assistant
Mrs Forsyth
Pit Stop
Mrs Murch
Gaelic Medium Education
Mrs MacDonald
Mrs Cameron (Mon-Thurs & Fri PM), Mrs Barr (Fri AM)
Miss Caie
Miss Ferguson (Mon-Thurs) & Mrs Thomas (Fri)
Mrs Seward
Mr Liney
Mrs Boyd
Miss Ickeringill
Mrs Thomson
Mrs Ferguson
Pupil Support Teacher
Miss Simmons
Reduced Class Contact Time Teachers
Mrs Thomas (PE), Mr Duncan (Art), Mrs Barr (Art) & Miss Edwards (Music)
Peripatetic Gaelic Teacher
Miss MacPhee
Pupil Support Assistants
Mrs Wittmann, Miss Runciman, Mrs Davys, Mrs Sinclair, Miss Warren, Mrs Stewart, Miss Coles, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Moore and Mrs Mackay.
Miss Carryn
P1-3 pupils:
·         Blue school polo shirt
·         Navy school sweatshirt or cardigan
·         Black skirt or trousers
·         Checked summer dress
P4-7 pupils:
·         White school polo shirt or white shirt and school tie
·         Black school sweatshirt or cardigan
·         Black respectable skirt or trousers
·         Checked summer dress
Pupils also need suitable indoor footwear, preferably gym shoes.
PE Kit: Pupils should have appropriate kit including shorts and T-shirt. Tracksuit bottoms can be worn when working outdoors or in colder weather. Gym shoes or trainers can be worn during PE. House coloured t-shirts are available from Grandtully Logos.
School ties can be purchased from campus reception as can reading bags. Other items of school uniform can be ordered from  
Transfer of Pupils from Primary to Secondary
Our aim is to ensure the smooth personal, social and emotional transfer of pupils from primary to secondary. Effective transfer of information regarding pupils progress in areas of Personal and Social Development, Mathematics, Language (French) is also a requirement. This ensures progression and continuity in all aspects of the child’s development and learning.
The process is based on a partnership between pupils, primary staff, secondary staff, and parents and will consider the needs and requirements of all.

Parents will be encouraged to comment on any issues relating to their child’s transfer which will enhance the transition e.g. any special factors which need to be considered when classes are being formed.