Mrs L Libreri (PT); Mr D McLean; Mrs G Mowat; Miss C Wilson, Miss S Rattray

The science faculty consists of 2 Biology Labs, 2 Chemistry Labs, 2 Physics Labs, one Advanced Higher Lab and a flexible area for independant study. The department offers a full range of National Qualifications including Advanced Higher, Higher and National 4/5 courses in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The department also offers National 4 Science and a range of master classes in S3. Pupils in S1 and S2 follow an integrated science course based on level 3 and 4 experiences and outcomes.

Homework is issued at least once a week for pupils following National Qualifications (senior phase). Junior phase pupils would be expected to complete homework every 7-14 days.

Advanced Higher Biology Powerpoint Presentations

Unit 1 PPT 1 (2a Proteomics)
Unit 1 PPT 2 (2bi-ii Protein structure)
Unit 1 PPT 3 (2biii-iv Binding and conformation)
Unit 1 PPT 4 (2v Reversible binding of phosphate)
Unit 1 PPT 5 (2ci Membrane proteins overview)
Unit 1 PPT 6 (2cii Signal transduction)
Unit 1 PPT 7 (2ciii-iv Channels and transporters)
Unit 1 PPT 8 (2d Photoreceptor protein systems)
Unit 1 PPT 9 (2e Communication within multicellular organism…
Unit 1 PPT 10 (2fi Cytoskeleton)
Unit 1 PPT 11 (2fii The cell cycle)
Unit 1 PPT 12 (2fiii Control of the cell cycle)
Unit 1 PPT 13 (2fiv Control of apoptosis)
Unit 2 PPT 1 (Evolution, drift and selection) edited
Unit 2 PPT 2 (Rate of evolution)
Unit 2 PPT 3 (Co-evolution and the Red Queen)
Unit 2 PPT 4 (Costs and benefits of sexual reproduction)
Unit 2 PPT 5 (Meiosis forms variable gametes)
Unit 2 PPT 6 (Sex determination)
Unit 2 PPT 7 (Sexual investment and courtship activity) edited final
Unit 2 PPT 8 (The parasite niche) edited
Unit 2 PPT 10 (Immune response to parasites)edited
Unit 2 PPT 11 (Macroparasites and microparasites)edited [Recovered] [Recovered]
AH2.5 Parasitism

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Biology Advanced Higher
Biology Higher
Biology National 5
Biology National 4
Chemistry Advanced Higher
Chemistry Higher
Chemistry National 5
Chemistry National 4
Physics Advanced Higher
Physics Higher
Physics National 5
Physics National 4
Science National 4