Perth Museum & Art Gallery Need Your Help


Preparations are underway at Perth Museum & Art Gallery for two upcoming exhibitions, FUN & GAMES and PLAYER: Videogame Interaction from Atari to Toys-to-Life. Both are shaping up to be the highlights of the summer programme, but to really enhance the displays the museum is keen to offer the opportunity for members of the public to share their own cherished toys and any related stories.

Enthusiastic curatorial staff relished the opportunity to delve into the museum’s ‘toybox’ for FUN & GAMES and have selected a wide range of well-loved toys and games from the collection to create the perfect exhibition for bringing generations together.

From rarely-seen examples of historic board games such as the Pope Joan game, to instantly-recognisable classics which are still popular today, each object is sure to inspire curiosity, stimulate discussion and evoke happy memories of childhood.

FUN & GAMES is a free exhibition and runs in Gallery 2 from 26 June – 22 August 2016.

PLAYER: Videogame Interaction from Atari to Toys to Life is in Gallery 1 from 7 Jul – 18 Sept 2016.  Admission £3, Concessions £2

Got an old toy and a great story?

An empty community display case will be an integral part of this exhibition, and they need your help to fill it!

On Saturday 4th June, between 10am and 2pm Perth Museum & Art Gallery is hosting a drop-off day where anyone who has an interesting toy they would be happy to loan for display, is welcome to bring it in and meet with the curatorial staff.

The ideal items for the case would be smaller toys such as Lego, Meccano and Playmobil models, fashion dolls such as Kewpie, Barbie and Sindy, action figures – including Action Man and any accessories, board games and cuddly toys.  Anything will be considered and there is wall space for larger objects such as railway sets, bikes, pogo sticks, skateboards and roller skates to be mounted elsewhere within the gallery.

All loans will be cared for and stored in the museum so they will be safe and secure.  Items will be returned after the exhibition closes.  The museum may have to turn down some toys and games due to lack of space, or similar items already chosen.

Wondering what to do with your old games consoles?

The exhibition runs alongside PLAYER: Videogame Interaction from Atari to Toys to Life, a brand new exhibition which explores the evolution of player interaction with videogames and charts the journey from retro games such as Super Mario, Space Invaders, Sega Rally and PacMan, to the latest innovations in current game design and technology.

As part of the experience, the museum hopes to offer visitors the chance to challenge their friends and family on a variety of consoles, and is urgently looking for help in finding these and other items for display.

For the interactive display, the following are urgently required:

  • NES with controller + Zapper + Super Mario Brothers
  • Nintendo Virtual Boy
  • Sega Rally & Sega Saturn Arcade Racer wheel
  • Nintendo Gamecube + Gamecube Controller + Donkey Kong DK Bongos
  • Sega Dreamcast + Sega Dreamcast controller + Samba de Amigos original controller plus mat
  • Sega Dreamcast + Sega Fishing Rod + Game
  • Sony Playstation 2 + PS2 controller + Sony Eye Toy + Eye Toy: Play

A number of games controllers are also required for static display.  These will not be handled by the public.

  • NES Zapper
  • Power Pad for NES
  • Dance Dance Revolution Dancing Mat for PS1/PS2
  • Logitech Steering Wheels for PS1/PS2/N64
  • Guitar Hero controller
  • Intellivision controller
  • NES controller (original not USB)
  • Game Boy (original)
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Amiga CD controller
  • Sega Saturn 3D Controller

If you have any of the above and would be happy to loan or donate them to the museum for use in PLAYER during  the exhibition then please get in touch with Rhona Rodger – 01738 783418 or JP Reid – 01738 783415

If you are unable to make the open day on 4 June but still want to loan any beloved toys or games to the museum for the duration of the FUN & GAMES exhibition please contact 01738 83414 for full information about security and loan terms.

Anyone loaning items will be entitled to a free entry pass for two people for PLAYER, valid for the duration of the exhibition.


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