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Music S1 Course Plan



  • Curriculum Area:

    PERFORMING: I can sing and/or play music from a range of styles and cultures and perform my chosen music confidently using performance directions, musical notation and/or playing by ear. EXA 3-16a

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    • Performs music individually, with accuracy, from at least two contrasting styles, using two instruments or one instrument and voice, as solo performances to a standard equivalent to that of ABRSM Grade 1.
    • Plays by ear or uses appropriate music notation, for example, treble clef notation, tablature, graphic scores or chord symbols, to give a group or individual performance.
    • Performs individually and as part of a group, communicating the mood and character of a piece of music, for example, uses appropriate dynamics and expression by following notated performance directions such as dynamic markings.



    Introduction to classroom instruments

    • Voice
    • Guitar
    • Ukulele
    • Bass Guitar
    • Keyboard
    • Drum Kit
    • Tuned Percussion

    Group Performing

    • Whole Class Band
    • Band Carousel
    • In at the Deep end
  • Curriculum Area:

    CREATING: I can use my voice, musical instruments or music technology to improvise or compose with melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre and structure. EXA 3-17a

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    • Uses voice, instruments and technology to create music, showing understanding of musical structure, for example, creates in simple verse chorus form, creates short sequenced pieces using technology, creates short 16 bar music in binary form, experiments with voices/instruments to create sound effects.
    • Uses appropriate music performance plans, recording facilities and music notation to capture ideas, for example, uses treble clef notation or tablature or records using technology or creates a performance plan.


    Silent Movie project – Creating original music for film Ring tone project – Creating loops and samples to create a ringtone Introduction to Sibelius – using ICT software to notate a short melody

  • Curriculum Area:

    UNDERSTANDING MUSIC: I have listened to a range of music and can identify features and concepts. I can give comments on my own and others’ work, including the work of Professionals. EXA 3-19a

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    • Recognises a wide range of music styles, identifying instruments, genres and instrumental techniques.
    • Evaluates their own work and the work of others, including visiting artistes, using appropriate music vocabulary.



    Instruments of the Orchestra

    • Woodwind
    • Brass
    • Strings
    • Percussion

    Scottish Music

    • World Music – Latin American, African Reggae and Indian

    Music Theory

    • Notation (Pitch and Rhythm)
    • Guitar Tab
    • Chord Symbols
    • Drum Notation