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Animation Workshops - Breadalbane Academy

We are offering the opportunity for people aged 16+ to come along to three full-day consecutive workshops at the Birks cinema where they will create a short animation film which in some way reflects their community – this can be about the history, culture, social aspects or more about their own identity within this. The aim of this project to provide an opportunity for people of all ages to create something which expresses their feelings, views, opinions about where they live, past, present and future, so the theme is very open to interpretation.  They may work individually or in groups, and the idea is to use pictures and words.

The workshops will take place on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November (in-service days), with completion (final filming and/or some editing) on Saturday 9th December. We are hoping to screen the final compilation of short films in 2018 at the Birks Cinema! This is a free event and is funded by the Creative Communities Fund and places are limited. For this project is collaborating with the Community Development Coordinator at the Birks Cinema, Fiona McEwan, and Glasgow-based Animation Expert, Jim Stirk.

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