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Contact Us

How can I make an enquiry to the school?

We welcome contact from parents whether by phone email, letter or in person at reception.

Emails should be send to:

Our telephone number is:  01887 822300

For Secondary pupils enquiries should be directed to Karen Gatehouse DHT, Harry Davidson PT Guidance or Anna Glover PT Guidance via the email addresses below:

Depute Headteacher:



PT Support:

Duty Child Protection –    01738 476768

Alternatively you can complete a Contact Enquiry Form by  Clicking Here



How quickly can I expect a response?

We will always aim to respond to enquires within five working days during term time.  In many cases, however – particularly where there is a time factor – responses will be far quicker.

In the case of urgent enquires, parents should phone or come into the school.  In such cases, a member of the senior management team will be available to deal with the matter at the time.

How do I give the school important information about my child?

Parents can use letters to communicate relevant information, such as reason for absence, to a primary class teacher or a secondary register teacher.   In the case of secondary, if what is being communicated should be known by more than one member of staff, such letters are best addressed to the guidance teacher.  Other modes of communication are also possible, but cannot be guaranteed to be passed on to the register or class teacher on the day.

A full copy of our Communications policy can be found here