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Breadalbane Academy is committed to providing opportunities for both Gaelic Medium Education and Gaelic for Learners in the nursery, primary and secondary departments.  It is also committed to offering young people opportunities to engage with Scotland’s cultural heritage, including a consideration of the language and broader culture of Gaelic.

The school has a vibrant Gaelic Medium Education (GME) provision in the primary and the local authority is also seeking to create a Gaelic Medium nursery provision. In session 2018-19 there will be two teacher of primary GME in recognition of the growth of this provision. Gaelic is also taught to all P1 to P7 pupils.

In secondary we offer Gaelic to all pupils in S1 and S2 and pupils may choose to continue within Gaelic beyond this point and pursue qualifications at a later point.  In Session 18-19 we are also commencing GME in our secondary department.

You can find out more about Gaelic in Breadalbane at the Gaelic Parent Group website: