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Welcome to Breadalbane Academy Primary

There are approximately 200 pupils in our primary school, who join pupils from our associate primaries when they move up to our secondary at the end of P7. Our primary department is an exciting learning environment full of curious children and enthusiastic teachers. Assessments demonstrate that our young people perform strongly in the core skills of literacy and numeracy which lay a strong foundation for their time in the secondary.

We work very hard to keep our pupils actively engaged in their learning and try to offer them a wide range of experience beyond the traditional primary curriculum.  In 2018 the school was a finalist in the Scottish Education Awards which was in part due to the innovative work our primary has been doing on STEM teaching.  The primary was also recently commended by a visiting local authority team on the quality of our outdoor learning.

In session 2023/24 we will have 7 classes covering the years P1 to P7, as well as two Gaelic Medium composite classes (P1-3 and P4-7).  The primary also has an Enhanced Support Class (the Sky Room) which offer alternative learning environments for pupils who may benefit from these.

The primary department is led by Mrs Vicky Marshall, Depute Headteacher, and is supported by Miss Katrina Wallace, Principal Teacher.

Breadalbane Academy Primary Department
Structuring Classes in Primary Schools in Perth & Kinross

School Uniform Guidance: Session 2023/24

    • Nursery  

    The fun and enjoyment of the Nursery experience is lost if your child is worried about spoiling his/her clothes, therefore it is important that your child wears clothes that can be easily washed. We provide plastic aprons for water play and messy activities. Please remember that the children in the nursery will have access to our gym facilities and should wear suitable clothing during this activity. As pupils access the outdoors every day and regularly participate in Outdoor Learning Adventures, suitable clothing and footwear should be worn.  

    • Primary  

     Pupils in primary wear indoor shoes whilst in the building. They also need a PE kit, including suitable footwear, to be kept in school. 

    Jumpers embroidered with the school logo can be purchased from Grandtully Logos  Ties are available for purchase through the school office and can be paid for through ParentPay. Should parents wish to purchase them, PE t-shirts in house colours with the house name on the back can be purchased from Grandtully Logos 

    Primary 1 to Primary 3  

    Blue polo shirt and navy jumper or sweatshirt (not hoodie) with black skirt, pinafore or trousers (including smart black jeans).  

    Navy cardigans and blue checked school dresses are also options offered.  

    Although it makes changing for PE more difficult for pupils, they can wear a white shirt and black tie with house stripe and logo.  

    Primary 4 to Primary 7  

     White shirt and black tie with house stripe and logo or white polo shirt, black round neck or V-neck jumper (not hoodie) with black skirt, pinafore or trousers (including smart black jeans). Black cardigans and blue checked school dresses are also options offered. 

Transition of Pupils from Primary to Secondary

Our aim is to ensure the smooth personal, social and emotional transition of pupils from primary to secondary. Effective transfer of information regarding pupils progress in areas of Personal and Social Development, Mathematics, and Language (French) is also a requirement. This ensures progression and continuity in all aspects of the child’s development and learning.

The process is based on a partnership between pupils, primary staff, secondary staff, and parents and will consider the needs and requirements of all.

Parents will be encouraged to comment on any issues relating to their child’s transfer which will enhance the transition e.g. any special factors that need to be considered when classes are being formed.

Primary Bell Times

Start of Primary Day 9:00am
Playtime Starts 10:50am
Playtime Ends 11:05am
Lunch 12:00pm
Toilet Bell 12:50pm
Afternoon Bell 1:00pm
Playtime Starts 2:20pm
Playtime Ends 2:35pm
End of Primary Day 3:30pm

Playground supervision outwith the school day

It is generally the case that the start and end of the school day – when classes are taken in and when they leave at the end of the day – define the period of time for which a school has responsibility for supervising all children attending school that day.  Additional guidance from Perth & Kinross Council is available here

Primary Lunch – Tayside Contracts

The up to date menus and allergen information can be viewed on the Tayside Contracts website HERE