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House Points and House Poems - Breadalbane Academy

House Well-being Poems Challenge

 Winners and Runners up

The house team leaders and co-ordinator would like to say well done to all of you who entered the Well-being Poem House Challenge last week.  The quality of work that we received was fantastic and the content really gave us a lot to think about!  Here are the results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, well done to all of you for gaining points for your house team.

1st Place – Erin Foley – 100 points

2nd Place – Alice O’Flynn – 50 points

3rd Place – Jaegar Heap – 25 points

Participation points – 5 points per person

The new S1 also enjoyed taking part in this activity and points were awarded to the following pupils:

1st Place – Magnus Eveleigh – 100 points

2nd Place – Skye Doherty – 50 points

3rd Place – PJ Martin – 25 points

CLICK HERE to view the House Poems

We hope you all enjoy taking part in this week’s bottle flipping house challenge!

House Points