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New Anti-Bullying Resources - Breadalbane Academy

Bullying is a mixture of behaviours and impacts; what someone does and the impact that it has on you, which affects your ability to feel safe and in control of yourself.

Bullying behaviour happens face to face and online and can include:

  • Being called names, being teased or made fun of
  • Being hit, pushed or kicked
  • Having your belongings taken or damaged
  • Being ignored, left out, or having rumours spread about you in
  • Being humiliated
  • Receiving abusive messages or having nasty comments made about you online
  • Being targeted because of who you are or how people see you

When it comes to dealing with bullying there isn’t always one ‘right’ answer. This information will help if you’re being bullied, but it can also help if you know someone who is being bullied and you’re not sure what to say or do to help them.

We all deal with bullying differently. Some people can ‘bounce back’, but for others their feelings will be harder to deal with. Some coping methods are better than others. Talking to friends or family, doing things you love, listening to music, playing games and staying active are all positive things you can do for yourself. They won’t make the bullying stop, but they can help you to manage how you’re feeling. Just being listened to can help you to feel better, more supported and less alone; just as listening to friends who are being bullied can help them feel better.

For more information view the following video Click Here and visit the Respect Me website HERE