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Perform in Perth 2015 - Breadalbane Academy

Perform in Perth 2015

 The following were placed 1st-3rd

Well done to ALL Breadalbane’s performers and groups who took part.


Flute (elementary) – Eilidh Stewart                                                       2nd=

Flute (transitional) – Sophie Grant                                                        2nd=

Clarinet (beginners) – Olivia MacDonald                                             3rd=

Clarinet (elementary) – Angus Hulbert                                                 2nd=

Clarinet (transitional) – Alastair MacDonald                                       2nd=

Clarinet (advanced) – Sarah Cowan                                                       1st

Clarinet (advanced) – Yvonne Kennedy                                                2nd=

Alto Saxophone (advanced) – James MacDonald                               1st

Tenor Saxophone (intermediate) – Tim Grant                                    1st

Euphonium/Baritone (elementary) – Euan Davidson                       1st

Drumkit (elementary) – Alex Forsyth                                                    3rd=

Chamber Music (advanced) – Saxophone Trio                                    2nd

Wind Band (intermediate)                                                                        2nd

Duo (woodwind elementary) – Bethan MacDonald/Dora Talosi     1st

Ceilidh Bands – ‘Strung, Drawn and Quartered’                                  2nd