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SCHOLAR - Breadalbane Academy

The SCHOLAR programme is one of Scotland’s most successful teaching and learning initiatives.

SCHOLAR materials have been specially written by subject specialists from schools, colleges and the university. They bring together the best of innovative learning with tried and tested educational approaches.

SCHOLAR’s approach is focussed on independent learning and formative assessment with an emphasis on providing students with repeated practice and immediate feedback.

The main purposes of the learning materials and assessments are to:

  •   enhance the student learning experience by providing a range of learning approaches;
  •   allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding;
  •   motivate students by providing an opportunity to review and consolidate what they have learned;
  •   inform students about their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve their performance

SCHOLAR recently held an online session for Parent/Carers:


SCHOLAR Information Session for Parents and Carers, held on 28th September 2022

Link to webinar recording

Link to PowerPoint slides

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There are a further 2 repeat sessions of the live webinar scheduled for Wednesday 26th October 2022 (now fully booked) and Wednesday 9th November (to register: