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Geography and Modern Studies

Welcome to the Geography & Modern Studies Department

We aim to offer a wide range of experiences for all those taking our subjects. Both Geography and Modern Studies are all through subjects. We deliver BGE courses, National 4 and 5, and Higher in both subjects, with Advanced Higher only on offer in Geography at the moment. Rural skills courses start in S3 with a single period per week to ‘introduce’ pupils to the subject, which they can pick up at National 4 and NPA (national progression award) in the senior phase. In N4 and NPA, pupils will have a double period of ‘practical’ work experience that counts towards their final qualification.

Fieldwork is a key part of our Geography courses at all levels and start local, before going further afield as pupils move up through the school. Trips with our Modern Studies classes include visits to the Scottish parliament, Perth court house, and London for our Higher pupils. Our Rural courses spend a large part of their time outdoors in a practical, working environment aimed at giving the pupils as wide an experience of the Rural industries sector as possible.

We have a number of links with partners and businesses out with the school that we have developed over the last few years as we strive to highlight our subjects links to the world of work. This has helped pupils as they look to the future and their own personal progression.