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S1 Home Economics Course Plan 18/19



  • Curriculum Area:

    Hygiene, safety, weighing and measuring and Healthy Eating

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Applies food safety principles from purchase
    to consumption and when preparing or cooking food.

    Lists the conditions for bacterial growth.

    Demonstrates an understanding of current dietary advice through preparing foods to meet specific health needs, for example, obesity, high blood pressure.

    Selects from and uses a wider range of ingredients and a more complex range of
    skills and equipment, for example, rubbing-in, shaping, simmering, creaming, decorating, garnishing.

    We will use literacy toolkit to assess their HE in News topic

    Numeracy skills will be developed through weighing and measuring


    • Safety and equipment
    • Weighing and measuring, Homework 1
    • Apple Crumble
    • Tomato and Carrot soup
    • Rock Buns
    • Hygiene
    • Hygiene, Homework 2
    • Macaroni Cheese
    • Introduction to Health Eating – Issue HE in News Homework Presentations
    • Health Eating
    • Chilli Pockets
    • Soda Bread
    • Banana Breakfast Muffins
    • HE in News presentation and revision for assessment
    • Assessment
    • Truffles
    • Complete and presentations/assessment feedback
  • Curriculum Area:

    Design and Make task

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Lists the conditions for bacterial growth.

    Explains the correct storage of food items,
    for example, raw meat, dry goods.

    Designs and makes a new product.

    Evaluates the product against own specifications and identifies how it could be improved.

    We will use literacy toolkit to assess their recipe writing


    • Pasta Napolitan
    • Cheats Carbonara
    • Intro to Design and Make task – food orders
    • Design and Make task
    • Make own pasta dish
    • Evaluate own dish
  • Curriculum Area:

    Breadalbane apprentice

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Explains factors that could influence choice
    of food, for example, media, poverty, peer pressure, seasonality, sustainability, environmental / ethical issues and potential impact on health.


    • Introduction, Decide on groups-pick project manager, Ben and Jerry’s website and videos, Make up questions for Stewart Towers dairy.
    • Apprentice DVD, What make good team work
    •  Ice Cream sensory testing-bought ice cream, Developing recipes
    • Make first ice cream
    • Make second Ice cream
    •  Sensory testing ice cream flavours, Decide on flavour to take forward
    • Presentations
  • Curriculum Area:

    Textiles Technology (This unit takes place on rotation throughout the year)

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Demonstrates competence when pinning, tacking and using a sewing machine, for example, can measure accurately, place pins
    at correct measurement, tack neatly and sew
    a straight line and curve on a sewing machine, following marked lines.

    Uses a variety of textile skills to create
    a personalised item

    Numeracy skills will be developed through measuring seam allowances.


    Pupils will make two textile items over the year.

    A Christmas Stocking using basic applique.

    A cushion using more complex applique and embellishing techniques.