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Mathematics and Computing Science

The Mathematics and Computing Science department is one of the STEM subject departments at Breadalbane Academy and offers five fully equipped teaching rooms and a Computing Science room with 25 PCs.  We are offer a wide array of courses at National level and through the Broad General Education.

In S1 and S2, pupils have 4 maths lessons per week, covering experiences and outcomes in Numeracy and Mathematics.  They also follow an integrated ICT/Business/Enterprise course with an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

In S3, all pupils continue with 4 maths lessons per week, and we start to prepare for the National 4 and 5 courses they will follow in S4.  S3 pupils can also opt to study a core class in Computing Science, where they will begin to develop skills in coding, web design and building & using databases. This course is strongly recommended if they wish to study National 4 or National 5 Computing Science in S4.

In S4, all pupils follow either the National 5 Mathematics course (with possible presentation at National 4) or the National 4 Applications of Mathematics course. Computing Science can be chosen in S4, with presentation at National 4 or National 5 level.

In S5 & S6, pupils can choose to continue their studies in Mathematics at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level, in which uptake is exceptionally high.  They can also choose to follow the National 5 Applications of Mathematics course. Computing Science can be studied at all levels, up to and including Advanced Higher.

The department has long established links with a number of partners in order to develop the young work force and to encourage progression to further or higher education, or employment.  We actively encourage participation in national competitions and STEM related activities. We work closely with the other departments to support learning and the development of numeracy skills in context.

Regular homework plays a vital role in the development and consolidation of mathematical knowledge and skills, and is issued regularly.  The department values working closely with parents to support effective study outside of the classroom. The department offers lunchtime study support to all pupils.  Continuous formative and summative assessments are used to track and monitor pupil progress.

The Mathematics & Computing Science department at Breadalbane Academy, in addition to Science and Technology, are proud to be finalists in the STEM category of the 2018 Scottish Education Awards.