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S2 Mathematics (Level 3-4 with Benchmarks) Course Plan

  • Curriculum Area:


    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Add and subtract integers and Multiply and divide integers

    Non-calculator multiplication and division

    Round to decimal places and significant figures

    Non-calculator and calculator percentage of amounts

    Increase and decrease a quantity by a percentage

    Calculate the percentage increase or decrease

    Find and use ratios and proportional division

    Use Direct Proportion and Use Inverse Proportion

    Multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers (non-calc)

    Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers (non-calc)

    Repeated percentages, “Backwards” percentages            

  • Curriculum Area:

    Using Time

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Calculate time intervals in 12 and 24 hour clock, including time zone adjustments

    Calculate speed, distance and time (including fractions of hours)

    Solve time management problems

    Solve scheduling problems

  • Curriculum Area:


    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Expand a single bracket using a numerical common factor and Algebraic common factor

    Expand pairs of brackets: Binomial x Binomial and Binomial x Trinomial

    Factorise expressions with a numerical common factor and Algebraic common factor

    Evaluate simple expressions and Evaluate expressions involving fractions, powers and roots

    Extend a simple pattern and Determine and use formula for simple patterns

    Know and use the formula for the gradient of a straight line

    Recognise and draw lines of the form x = a and y = b

    Recognise and draw lines of the form y = mx + c, knowing the meaning of m and c

    Change the subject of a formula

    Solve equations with X’s on both sides and Solve equations with brackets

  • Curriculum Area:

    Shape and Measure

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Find the circumference of a circle and Find the area of a circle.

    Find the areas of kites, parallelograms and trapeziums and Find the area of composite shapes

    Calculate the volume of a prism and Calculate the volume of cones and spheres

    Use scale factors to find lengths, areas and volumes and Use scale factors to create scale drawings

    Use the Theorem of Pythagoras to find the length of sides, the distance between points, show a triangle is (not) right angled, find lengths in 3D space

    Use shape and circle properties to calculate the size of angles

    Read scales for length, volume, weight and temperature

    Understand and use tolerances

    Convert between different units of measurement

    Find the surface area of a cuboid and cylinder    

  • Curriculum Area:


    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Find the lengths of sides in a right-angled triangle using SOH CAH TOA (numerator only)

    Find the size of angles in a right-angled triangle using SOH CAH TOA

    Find the length of hypotenuse or adjacent side as denominator using SOH CAH TOA

    Find the area of a triangle using A = ½ ab sin C

    Find the lengths of sides and angles using the sine rule

    Find the lengths of sides and angles using the cosine rule

  • Curriculum Area:


    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’


    Construct a frequency table with and without class intervals

    Interpret and draw bar charts, pie charts, stem and leaf diagrams, scatter plots and Draw and use a line of best fit

    Calculate, interpret and compare the mean, median, mode and range of data sets

    Calculate the quartiles and five figure summary of a data set and Draw and interpret box plots

    Describe trends in data, Calculate simple probabilities & Interpret and make decisions based on probabilities

  • Curriculum Area:

    Money and Workplace Maths

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Calculate wages, overtime, bonuses, commission, income tax

    Determine the best deal and Understand special offers

    Understand how credit and debit cards work and Calculate simple interest, compound interest

    Investigate the cost of living