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Religious & Moral Education

Welcome to the Religious and Moral Education Department

Religious and Moral Education is concerned with the search for meaning, value and purpose in life through studying the responses of the major religious traditions as offering classical answers to that search. Non- religious perspectives are also explored as offering alternative explanations.

In S1-3 students explore key issues through a mixture of themes, topics and specific religious traditions. Such exploration involves the application of a wide range of skills relevant to RME. These skills include critical thinking, acquiring knowledge and understanding, analysing,  evaluating, investigating,  exploring different viewpoints, developing an opinion, extended writing,  creativity, planning, questioning, using evidence, sources and data, listening , empathy and working with others. Tasks are designed so that skills are embedded into coursework and holistically assessed in addition to specific summative tasks.

The skills developed are relevant to any career that involves working with people. These could include nursing, medicine, human resources, the police, and teaching to mention but a few. In addition, the critical, analytical and research skills are transferrable to many other fields and are, therefore, generally relevant.