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The Breadalbane Guarantee

The Breadalbane Wider Achievement Guarantee

  • Why Wider Achievement?

For many people, when they look back at their time at school often the best memories are not of the classroom but of an experience beyond it – whether a school trip, an outdoor experience, a sporting activity or an opportunity to perform.   Often those memories stick out because they represented a moment when they were challenged in a way that was positive and affected their personal development.

There is no question that young people value such experience which are beyond the traditional classroom, but in the past such opportunities have been sporadic in nature, depending on a key teacher, a particular school’s focus, or a national policy drive.  Sometimes, too, access to such activities depended on an ability to pay.

S3 Watersports Experience


  • What is the Breadalbane Guarantee?

The Breadalbane Guarantee is our way of ensuring that all young people who come to our school will experience a wide range of wider achievement opportunities beyond their classroom experience.  We believe such experience will build both skills and aptitude, as well as widening pupils’ life experience and knowledge base.  The Breadalbane Guarantee is underpinned by the school’s vision statement: Belonging, Believing, Aspiring, Achieving.


Wider achievement increase opportunities for young people to feel included  by extending further the range of experiences available to meet their needs.  Particularly given our focus on skills, the Guarantee also allows young people to self-consciously develop their skills and aptitudes, and so grow in self-belief.  This in turn leads to a culture of aspiration and ultimately achievement.  Whilst we continue to stress academic achievement, we know that colleges, universities and employers are looking for rounded individual who can demonstrate a strong skill set and a positive attitude.