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Our Outdoor Education Guarantee

  • Our Outdoor Education Guarantee

From my own experiences during expeditions and exploration far afield I have found a deep sense of fulfilment and an enduring delight, both because of, and despite, the sometimes tough conditions of living which such journeys impose. I have long been convinced that the challenges presented by nature can be of profound significance for personal development.

In Search of Adventure – Sir John Hunt


Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

S3 Watersports Experience


There can be few school locations in Scotland better placed to deliver outdoor education than Breadalbane Academy.  Within easy reach we have mountains, moors, forests, lochs and rivers.   There is something special about experiencing the beauty of a landscape that is cheapened by an attempt to attribute educational worth.  The very act of being in nature and experiencing its majesty up close is a valuable end in itself, and none of our pupils who have experienced this are left untouched by it.

The outdoor environment encourages staff and students to see each other in a different light, building positive relationships and improving self-awareness and understanding others.

Different outdoor learning experiences offer opportunities for personal and learning skills development in areas such as communication, problem solving, information technology, working with others and thinking skills.

Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning

S1 & S2 Walk

S1 Snowsports Experience


But outdoor education also provides very clear educational benefits in terms of the opportunities for skills and aptitude development.  Beginning with John Muir in the primary and our P7 residential event, we aim to guarantee our young people a range of outdoor experiences during their time at Breadalbane which include hillwalking, orienteering, water sports and skiing.  These are not extra-curricular activities, where involvement may be influenced by financial considerations but universal inputs for all.   Increasingly, we are cross-referencing our outdoor experiences with our skills wheel so that young people are encouraged to reflect on the skills and attributes they are developing.

S1 Walk

S3 Watersports Experience