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Our Skills Guarantee

  • Our Skills Guarantee

We want our young people to leave school with the skills they will require for life, and the ability to articulate and reflect upon these.  We have taken a very broad definition of skills to include aspects which could also be described as attributes or outlooks.   By this means, our ‘skill set’, aims to go beyond pupils just describing what they can do, but rather towards talking about who they are.  Employers tell us time and again that it is this level of self-consciousness that they desire of potential employees.  Developing metacognition in pupils, and indeed staff, is at the centre of everything we do.  Pupils who can reflect on who they are and what they are doing, are the most likely to be successful in learning, life and work.

Our Breadalbane Skills Wheel, which we developed in consultation with pupils, parents and employers is the means by which engage young people in being aware of a developing skills and attitudes.  Pupils are encouraged to look at skills from the earliest opportunity and both primary and secondary teachers use the skills wheel to make links between  the work of the class and the broader project of skills development.  In secondary, although all staff will contribute to the full skills wheel, we also identify which skills are the key focus of each department.  Skills are also an organising principle for pupils profiles in both primary and secondary.

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