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Courses in S1 and S2


In the ‘Secondary Departments’ link to the left you will find course plans for pupils in S1/2.  These plans are based on national curriculum guidance and should give you an idea of the sorts of content being covered and the skills being developed during these years.  Although course plans are based on the Curriculum for Excellence ‘experiences and outcomes’ at Third Level – which are broadly appropriate to these years – in practice teachers will be differentiating lessons to take account of pupils working both below and above this level.

You can see all the national ‘experience and outcomes’ HERE

Please note also that we are constantly revising our courses so there could be some changes in what is taught over the course of a session.  We are also looking to embed the school’s new ‘Skills Wheel’ into these courses, so there may be significant updates over sessions 19/20 and 20/21.