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Curriculum Structure

At Breadalbane Academy we are constantly reviewing our curriculum in order to ensure that it meets the key design principles of the Curriculum for Excellence (breadth, depth, coherence, progression, challenge, enjoyment, personalisation and choice) and provides the best possible educational experiences for pupils within our unique school context.

We work hard to ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of all our pupils, with a variety of differing post school destinations, ensuring that all pupils are well prepared for life after school.

Our curriculum structure is illustrated in the following attachment but a summary is as follows;


Pupils experience a “broad general education” and therefore study subjects from all key curricular areas. This is to allow pupils to develop a foundation of knowledge and skills within each area and develop various interests and passions.


All pupils will study English, Maths, PSE, RME and PE as their core entitlements. Pupils are then to select 1 subject from each curricular area (Science, Socials, Technology, Expressive Arts and Modern Languages) that they wish to carry on studying which ensures a breadth of experience is continued. Pupils then choose a further 3 subjects from any area of the curriculum which allows for specialisation to occur. 2 “masterclasses” are then selected from a suite of opportunities which allows for skills development and wider achievement opportunities.


S4 is the first year of certification for all pupils with a variety of National 3,4 & 5 courses being offered. All pupils will continue to study English and Maths throughout S4 which will be supplemented by 5 further subjects which have no restriction. 2 periods of core PE is also delivered to meet the health and well-being requirements of all pupils.


S5 pupils study 5 subjects which can be from any curricular area.

S6 pupils study 4 subjects, with the exception of pupils studying 3 Advanced Higher courses who are only required to study 3 subjects.

All S5/6 pupils receive PE, RME and PSE entitlements alongside 2 periods of “senior activities” which allows for wider achievement, skill development and work experience opportunities.

Download our The Curriculum in Breadalbane Academy 2020-21