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House Teams

Breadalbane Academy pupils are divided into four house teams: Farragon, Lawers, Mhor & Schiehallion.

The House Structure at Breadalbane Academy

The primary purpose for the house structure in Breadalbane Academy is to promote a sense of identity for pupils which can serve both as a means of developing pupils’ sense of belonging through competition, academic attainment, behaviour or wider achievement. 

House Leaders and Guidance Teachers

Each house has a house leader, house leaders have a responsibility for encouraging house involvement in planned inter-house activities as well as promoting a sense of belonging and pride within the house teams.

The house leaders for session 2022 – 2023 are:





Guidance teachers are also linked to specific houses, these are as follows:

Mrs Glover: Farragon and Lawers

Mr Davidson: Schiehallion and Mhor

House Captains 2022 – 2023

Well done to all pupils who applied and attended interviews for the junior and senior house captain roles. The house teams have been impressed by the way all pupils presented themselves and the ideas discussed for house participation going forward were creative and original. 

After a lot of deliberation the roles have been allocated as follows:


Junior House Captain– 

Senior House Captain – 


Junior House Captain – 

Senior House Captain –


Junior House Captain –

Senior House Captain- 


Junior House Captain – 

Senior House Captain – 

House Teams Information

Information and updates linked to the individual house teams can be found within the Microsoft Team for each house.  Please make sure you sign up using the codes below to find out about the most current house points as well as planned inter-house activities that are taking place.

Farragon House Code for Pupils: zc2d8xi

Mhor House Code for Pupils: c40r6nc

Lawers House code for Pupils: e110gjx

Schiehallion House code for Pupils: rronlkg

This website will be updated regularly with house points updates and well as information being displayed in school on the House Notice Board.

Latest House Points Update