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Aims and Values

Our Vision Statement

During sessions 15/16 and 16//17 we undertook a major consultation to look at our vision, values and aims.  This involved discussion with pupils, staff and parents.  The vision statement below reflects the views expressed by all stakeholders about the sort of school we want to be.

The Breadalbane Academy School Vision

Belonging, Believing…  Aspiring, Achieving!


This is our school. We belong to it, and it belongs to us.

  • Everyone in our school community is respected.
  • No matter who we are, the school values us and will help us to be successful.
  • We have a strong voice in our school and our views are heard and listened to.


We believe in ourselves.

  • We have the self-belief to know that we can be successful.
  • We are building the resilience to bounce back when we experience difficulties.
  • We take pride in our school community and want people to be happy


Together we can do great things.

  • We work in partnership to challenge and stretch ourselves and others.
  • We know that success requires hard work and we persevere when the going gets tough.


We always strive for excellence.

  • We are proud of our school’s history of achievement and want to be part of this.
  • We want people to leave our school as rounded individuals who are happy and ready for life and work.