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Employability & Skills

Breadalbane Academy strongly supports academic progress as well as focusing on the development of the skills for learning, life and work; our Developing the Young Workforce Programme is a vital part of this. Through offering a broad and inclusive curriculum which is enhanced through employer engagement and partnerships we believe that our young people are well prepared for success as they progress from school to tertiary education and the workplace.

A key focus at Breadalbane Academy is the development of skills across all curricular areas and year groups. Our Skills Wheel was produced in collaboration with several local and national employers in order to create a common language used by pupils, businesses, parents and the wider community.  Please see our interactive Skills Wheel below and click on each icon to view the definition.

A strategic approach to the development of a robust network of workplace partnerships has been used to embed employer engagement within school. We regularly work with over 40 businesses during each academic session to develop our pupils’ awareness of careers and enhance their employability skills.  Below are some examples of partnership work and a link to our process, which was highlighted by Education Scotland as an example of interesting practice:

A Learner’s Journey Through STEM at Breadalbane Academy SLF2019

Academy 9 Apprenticeship Academy

Birks Bag Company – Enterprising Schools

Marine Scotland Research Partnership HT Development Day

Education Scotland Exemplar 2018