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External Reports/Development Planning

This page includes a summary version of our annual school improvement plan – in which we set our developments for the year – as well as our annual Standards and Quality Report, in which we are required to provide an overview of the previous session.

We will also post any public external reports here, such as those from the national schools inspection service (HMIE), the Care Inspectorate or Perth and Kinross Council.

Breadalbane Academy Improvement Plan 2020-21

Breadalbane Academy Improvement Plan 2019-20

Breadalbane Academy Standards & Quality Report 2019-2020

Breadalbane Academy ELAV Report 2018

Breadalbane Academy Nursery Inspection Report 2019

Breadalbane Academy Nursery Inspection Report 2017

HMIE Inspection letter 2013

Inspection Report 2013 Ratings