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Learning Support

Welcome to the Learning Support Department

The Support Dept. encourages ASN pupils who are dyslexic or have specific learning difficulties (SLD) to become independent learners through the use of ICT/Digital to support reading and writing skills. Screening of pupils for dyslexia or an SLD is carried out using the highly recommended battery of LUCID tests. We take an evidence based approach to plan “next steps” for pupils, as well as creating Learners Profiles that are shared with staff. Additionally, we put pupils on MSL programmes of work, such as, the innovative online literacy programme – IDL Cloud – which has built-in testing and progress reports as well as certificates of achievement for each module of work completed. This is an excellent programme that is tailored to the meet the needs of individual learners by allowing them to take control of their own learning, and work at their own pace and challenge. Additionally, we provide assessment arrangements for senior pupils in S4-6 in exams and our AAR system has been quality assessed by SQA.

Pupils are confident we will support them to maximise learning by providing ICT/digital solutions, as well as specialist support – one-to-one, or in small groups – in the Support for Learning base where we cater for all levels of ability. Furthermore, we also have personnel supporting staff in classes.

We provide a reading programme for pupils in S1/2 and a Homework Club 3 times per week to allow pupils to access specialist help or ICT, and there are opportunities to participate in community-based programmes of work for the Princes Trust, where pupils learn lots of new skills and engage with the public to raise funds for good causes.

Whatever the difficulty, our ASN staff are committed to working with pupils and colleagues to meet the needs of all learners, and to support them to learn in a fun way through online programmes of work, interactive games and activities, as well as helping them to structure their reading and writing through intervention programmes, such as Read and Write Gold or digital.