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Modern Languages S1 Course Plan Term 3

  • Curriculum Area:

    My Free Time

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Particular focus on the following benchmarks:

    • Participates in paired and group activities, with decreasing levels of support.
    • Works collaboratively on conversations and role-play tasks of an appropriate length, in order to demonstrate understanding of basic structures and familiar vocabulary in different contexts.
    • Uses a variety of support, such as a glossary or a bilingual dictionary to gain understanding of texts containing more unfamiliar language and extended sentences.
    • Identifies the main points of the text and can communicate this to others.
    • Recognises common prefixes, suffixes and blends of letters. Identifies connections between words. Uses this knowledge to Identify cognates in order to help work out the meaning of new words.
    • Identifies parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs and applies this knowledge to support their understanding of texts.


    Computers & Mobiles
    Frequency Phrases
    Say what sports you play
    Other activities
    Say what you like doing
    Say what others do
    Say what you do in different weathers
    Talk about TV programmes
    Talk about types of film