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Modern Languages S2 Course Plan Term 2

  • Curriculum Area:

    Global Citizenship

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Particular focus on the following benchmarks:

    • Demonstrates understanding of longer texts in the target language by, for example, noting down facts from the text, answering some questions, or explaining to others the main points and some supporting detail of the text.
    • Identifies cultural differences through reading a range of texts about the country and its inhabitants in the target language.
    • Applies knowledge of spelling patterns and rules to spell familiar words correctly.
    • Demonstrates knowledge and accurate application of punctuation norms in the target language such as use of capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks, question marks and accents.
    • Uses simple sentences of increasing length.
    • Reviews and corrects writing to ensure it makes sense and meets its purpose. For example, uses a bilingual dictionary, grammar notes, or peer review to check accuracy and sense.


    La Francophonie
    Introduction to Haiti
    Describe a house in Haiti
    Say where things are in a house
    Home area
    Discuss what food there is
    Describe daily routine
    Talk about clothes
    Discuss possible employment
    Environmental issues