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Modern Languages S2 Course Plan Term 1

  • Curriculum Area:

    Where I Live

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Particular focus on the following benchmarks:

    • Works collaboratively to plan and co-deliver a talk in the target language. Sustains talk long enough to demonstrate accuracy in known vocabulary and grammar as well as pronunciation and expression.
    • Demonstrates engagement with the topic by including cultural references to the country/countries where the target language is spoken, for example, references to towns, tourist attractions, and famous landmarks/people.
    • Applies pronunciation rules to unfamiliar words by identifying and applying familiar letter patterns.
    • Pronounces familiar words clearly and uses a sustained range of vocabulary appropriate to the level.
    • Reads with some fluency and understanding, using appropriate pace and intonation.
    • Demonstrates an appropriate knowledge of grammatical structures including knowledge of more than one tense, over a range of talking activities.
    • Applies a range of reading skills and strategies to read unfamiliar vocabulary with increasing understanding a range of texts, including more extended reading passages or stories. Uses knowledge of context, cognates and grammatical structures to support understanding.
    • Works with others to plan and review written work.
    • Uses support such as a bilingual dictionary, grammar notes, or digital technology to check accuracy in spelling or structure.
    • Produces written work in the target language which is mostly accurate in terms of use of personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, verbs, tenses, adjectives and adverbs.


    Say what there is in my town
    Give opinions on your town/village
    Understand/Give directions
    Say where you are going
    Ask someone to go somewhere Say what you can do in town