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Modern Languages S1 Course Plan Term 2

  • Curriculum Area:

    My School

    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    Particular focus on the following benchmarks:

    • Listens, takes turns and contributes at the appropriate time when engaging with others in largely prepared conversations of increasing length.
    • Demonstrates understanding of language used by the interlocutor through appropriate and increasingly spontaneous responses.
    • Shares information on familiar themes in longer conversations, with reasonable fluency. Copes with some unpredictable language from the interlocutor. Uses fuller sentences.
    • Applies non-verbal techniques such as eye contact, facial expressions and body language to support dialogue.
    • Uses a variety of support, such as a glossary or a bilingual dictionary to gain understanding of texts containing more unfamiliar language and extended sentences.
    • Identifies the main points of the text and can communicate this to others.
    • Justifies opinions using a range of adjectives, connectors
    and word order to give reasons for those opinions.


    School subjects
    Likes/Dislikes Revision
    Opinions & Reasons
    Time & Timetable
    Describe the school day
    School food
    Uniform & School Rules
    School In Other Countries