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Modern Languages S2 Course Plan Term 3

  • Curriculum Area:


    Curriculum for Excellence ‘Benchmark’

    • •       Requests in the target language that others, for example, ‘repeat’, ‘slow down’, and ‘speak more clearly’.

      •       Is able to tell the interlocutor if he/she does not understand.

      •       Works with others to practise, for example, new vocabulary, structures or grammar in a variety of games in the target language, in digital and traditional formats, in paired-speaking exercises and in role-plays.

      •       Plans and delivers a brief presentation with appropriate content and structure, communicating clearly, audibly and with appropriate pronunciation.

      •       Uses resources as appropriate to support communication,
      for example, power point or cue cards.

      •       Talks at sufficient length and can increasingly demonstrate accuracy in vocabulary, grammar and expression.


    Choice of destination (countries)

    Talk about holiday plans

    Say what you would like to do

    Say what you did in Paris (or elsewhere)

    Say when you did things

    Give opinions on holidays