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Headteacher Report

Breadalbane Academy Parent Council

Headteacher’s Report

Wednesday 28th September 2022


  1. Staffing update

PT Business Studies – Very pleased to say we have been able to appoint to this post.  We would hope that this new PT can start early next term.  Currently considering what curriculum offer we can now provide.

PE:  Gillian Arnott – appointed to post of Acting-PT Guidance, Perth Academy.  Eilidh Hinselwood will replace.

  1. Learning and Teaching as a major focus for the school this year


Practitioner Enquiry groups begin on Monday night.  First theme will be ‘engagement’.  One starter text: Why don’t [some] students like school? Groups will look at current theories of learning to consider improving approaches to engaging pupils.


  1. Targeted Support for Secondary


We have now appointed a Project Officer – Inclusion, who will be co-ordinated more targeted support for a small number of young people in our secondary who are disengaged and, in some cases, involved in anti-social behaviour within and outwith school.



  1. Concerns about Vaping


Several parents have raised concern about the prevalence of vaping on school grounds and within the wider community.  The school has seen a really significant increase in this over the last 6 months and has spoken with pupils at assemblies about policy on this. There will also be an article in the forthcoming newsletter about this problem, which has a wider societal dimension.


  1. Newsletter


We hope this will come out next week and would welcome and input from the PC.  We have also invited he Active Schools co-ordinator to contribute.