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School Day

Our Primary and Secondary schools both follow a different timetable.

Please see below for the school day timings.

Primary – 2021/2022

Playtime Starts10:50am
Playtime Ends11:05am
Toilet Bell12:50pm
Afternoon Bell1:00pm
Playtime Starts2:20pm
Playtime Ends2:35pm
End of Primary Day3:30pm

Secondary – 2021/2022

Monday -Thursday Friday
 StartEnd  StartEnd
Registration 8:55am09:00am Registration 8:55am9:25am
Period 19:00am9.55am Period 19:25am10:15am
Period 29.55am10:50am Period 210:15am11:05am
Interval10:50am11:05am Interval11:05am11:20am
Period 311:05am12:00pm Period 311:20am12:10pm
Period 412:00pm12:55pm Period 412:10pm1:00pm
Lunch12:55pm1:55pm Lunch1:00pm2:00pm
Period 5 1:55pm2:50pm Period 5 2:00pm2:50pm
Period 6 2:55pm3:40pm Period 6 2:50pm3:40pm